Acts of Kindness

I came home from working (yeah that’s what I’ll call it – working 🙂 ) at my cottage, opened the front door to the house and found these. They were the welcome home gift from my 7 year old daughter, Sivanna. They were the prettiest flowers ever!

I reflected on her sense of kindness and thought about the many ways she shows them. She will often caress my cheek, offer multiple hugs, smiles, and cheerful banter. These moments in life are truly the treasured ones.

The ripple effect of small acts of kindness can have a wide impact and continue to ripple along person to person, heart to heart. It is my wish today that Sivanna’s small act of kindness which inspired me to share this, ripples out to you, and that you too spread the kindness to another. One small act of kindness truly can create miracles.