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I love this pillow my friend gave me. It says “The secret to having it all is believing you already do”. Now I love that but I change it up a bit to “The secret to having it all is KNOWING you already do”.

I think knowing sounds much more universally confident and sends a clear message that you are at peace with life and in turn life will bring you more peace. I am sure we have all heard the saying along the way “act as if”. This is not to be underestimated in its power. Acting as if and declaring that you ‘know’ and ‘trust’ that things are well, signals more of this in your life. It sounds simple and it is but it works!

I encourage you to try this and see what happens. One of the prayers I use is: “Thank you God/Universe/You Fill in the Blank, for already solving this problem for me and then I let it go! And it works. Try it. It’s a great one.

I close today wishing you all more Peace and Love and all the good stuff that life has to offer.

Maggie is a Certified Life Coach and Certified Nutritionist who gets great JOY out of instilling JOY into other people’s day, life and world. Rock on!
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Personal Peace


“Until you make peace with who you are, you’ll never be content with what you have”. Doris Mortman

The above is a very powerful quote and is one that is worth paying attention to. Sometimes it takes us an entire lifetime to realize that we came to earth to be exactly who we are. Let’s not wait that long!!!

It becomes very freeing when we realize that we are the ‘gift of who we are’. We are meant to BE ‘who we are’.

This is not to say that we cannot re-define and re-create ourselves anew in any given moment, but I believe, the journey begins where acceptance starts. When we fully embrace who we are and are at peace with who we are, the magic begins. 🙂
The rest of the journey becomes delightful play and co-creation, where we can manifest and delight in the playground of life.

Maggie is a Certified Life Coach & Certified Holistic Nutritionist who delights in life and finds that the more she is her authentic self the more the universe ‘brings it on’! 🙂


The Drum of Spirit

dreamstime_xs_8469788Today, in this moment, I am really feeling the need or calling to write and express the messages I have been receiving recently about life, and well without a better way to say it, “living it”.  I feel this need to put into perspective my own priorities and the overwhelming desire to put first the things that matter most.

We often spend a lifetime in a process that is preparing us for something and that something is usually later and farther down the road of life. I am getting a deep, deep, desire and knowing that we are here to BE the process.  We are here to fill our moments and days with the things that truly matter most.  The playground of life is here for our picking and we need to PICK!  We can make choices that truly brings us significance, meaning and beautiful moments as members of life expressing itself.

I personally, am moving away from being a physical being and reacting on earth, and more into having a deeper connection with my spirit. I find myself observing more and engaging less. I let spirit move me. Like right now while I am typing this and listening to soothing music and I gaze out the kitchen window to see the sun bouncing off the wet leaves of fall’s frost melting and I feel myself one with it all.  The music, the leaves and I are all dancing to the same beat orchestrated through my divine self.

It may seem cliché but if we can look at our lives from the end, it is easy to see what matters most.


 Imagine what that would look like

There is nothing we need to be or do or have and there is nowhere to get to. When I remember this from that divine space within myself, I absolutely know what is significant for me.  It becomes so simple yet so exciting. I know that what matters most to me is love, peace, harmony, nature, my writing and expressing, preparing food to nourish and nurture my body and soul, laughing, loving and just being. 

I recognize that I have spent much of my life handling ‘things’ and ‘stuff’ and at this point I feel that I want to release a lot of that and be free to live more from the movement of my soul.  I am understanding more that the stuff, the titles, and the ego’s quests are not my soul’s priority. I know I am here to make a difference and that is simply because I am here and there is no other requirement except showing up and being my authentic self.  I believe that this is true for all of us. However, I am passionate about life and that gives me my purpose.

I have this renewed sense of making the moments count.  It is like “Wow, I can’t believe I have not made use of my life’s moments doing the things that make me the most happy?”  I see it so clearly now and at least in this moment.  It comes and goes, which is why I like to write my feelings down when they express themselves and I am feeling like I am ‘getting it’. lol

 There are so many things we’ could’ or ‘should’ be doing as we all tell ourselves but in this moment, for me, the most significant thing was to write out my thoughts about this and express myself and I am doing it and it feels so right.  I want to listen to this inner voice more and to hear the callings of my soul.  I want to remember that we are creators and life is just a big canvas with which to create our souls callings and to have the grandest adventure or the simplest solitude and it’s all good.

May you go today, led by your spirit and remember to question what matters most  for you and to honour the deepest voice within you.  It always speaks, but it is our job to listen and to dance to the  beat and drum of our heart’s desires.


I Love you MOM!

It has been 20 years today since my mother passed away. This little note card was made by my daughter who is 7. I came home from my cottage last night to find both the note and some flowers she had picked for me. I feel blessed to be a Mother and also blessed to have had an amazing Mother for as long as I did.

My Mother was a very strong, smart and caring woman. Even now 20 years later, I am still inspired by her and find myself more and more like her in many ways. She was very respectful of the environment, mother earth and was very good at improvising in any situation. She came to Northwestern Ontario from a Wisconsin Dairy farm many years ago with my father and they fell in love with Canada and never left. In fact they are both buried here. I found it fitting that 20 years ago we had Mom’s prayers for her funeral service on Canada Day!


They operated a small tourist resort in a small remote village and on the other side of the lake, making their means of transportation  boats in the summer and snowmobiles in the winter. Those that have heard ‘my story’ know that this is why I rowed a boat to school.  It was a one room school that was once two 🙂 and now is no longer operating. Oh and back to transportation apparently before my time there was “Queenie” 🙂


I could write volumes about the interesting and often extremely challenging life of my Mom and Dad, but since I am the youngest of six children, I am not the best to tell that story and this post for me, is a tribute to my Mom and how she impacted me. I am so grateful for her wise teachings, her love, her humor, her wit, and her zest for knowledge and life.  Because of you Mom, I decided to ‘live fearlessly’ and to grab life. I am doing amazing and I live in joy as much as I can. I am loving  the rest of our family and the other beautiful children you made, my siblings. I have amazing nieces and nephews and even a great niece now. We have become a very close and loving family and I know this would be your greatest desire. I wish this for every family out there and I have made it my life’s mission to help people to remember that love is all there is and to live fearlessly and Mom, this is because of you mostly. I love you Mom!!!  * from your daughter Margaret Mary 🙂 thank you for giving me your name as my second name too! xoxo



The Campaign for Inner Peace

As a Life Coach and Human Being on this planet, I feel compelled to spread Peace, Joy. and Love as much as possible. Therefore, I have started a “Campaign for Inner Peace”…. kind of like a movement but through Social Media. If this resonates with your or you feel compelled  to join us on this mission you can follow along at our facebook page  In Joy & Love!Image