Living with No Regrets

Side view of serene woman sitting on sandy beach against blue sky outdoors

A conversation I had with my daughter 2 days ago on the topic of my going out to my cottage and her staying at home with her Dad. It went something like this:

Me: “Mom is going to the camp tomorrow.”

Sivanna: “I don’t want you to go.”

Me: “But my soul needs it.”

Sivanna: “Can’t you tell your soul NO?”

Me: “No honey, I can’t.”

I have a new philosophy lately which involves living without regrets. It is a little tool I now use to remind me of what is important to me. It also encourages me to pursue those wants and desires. I see it as if I don’t do it, or do not follow my passion for something I want to do or experience, I may end up resentful. I understand that this will not be healthy for myself,  for those in my life, and the world at large.

They say resentment is the emotion that eats away at us and I believe it to be true.

It is so so important for us to honor ourselves and our time here on earth. It is a short journey really. If we can follow our joy and be excited about life, I think that is wonderful. The more we can get excited and honor our desires, the more we spread the feeling of joy, and also allow others to follow their joy.

I am doubly glad that I am following this way of being to not only add more peace, love, joy and less resentment in my own life, but I am also teaching my daughter that her wants and desires matter and are important. To me, this is a great accomplishment as a mother and a guide for this beautiful soul.


What is the Secret Ingredient for Success in Life & Business???

Sharing a Secret ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

What is the difference between people who struggle in life and/or business, and those who accelerate and advance with gusto?  What stops people from fully enjoying and embracing what they do? What is that secret ingredient that makes a difference?

As a Life & Business Coach, I hear these very common questions a lot. What’s missing in my life or my work? Why am I not happy? What is this void I am feeling? Why are others successful at what they do and I am not? “Something is missing, they say”.

So what exactly is the fuel behind what we do, why we do it, and for what reason?

For many years as both a Life Coach and in leading entrepreneurs, I have seen this common thread often. Many people have the misconception that the importance is in what they do, verses why they are doing it.

So what is this secret fuel or ingredient? The answer is PASSION! Passion is the energy behind creation and doing. It is the fuel that propels us to greatness, or even to simplicity.  It is something we desire. Either way, passion is an integral component to why we do what we do, whether it’s personally, or in business.

Sometimes we need to be very honest and clear about digging deep to discover the passion that already exists in the things we do. For example, perhaps you have a home based business specializing in non-toxic products and believe you are truly passionate about your products and services? Is it really the products you are passionate about? Or is it that you love you non-toxic products because you have a passion for a greener earth? Is that what truly fuels your mission?

Many times what we are doing is simply using various vehicles to fuel our passions. Vehicles we use might be: types of businesses, being a part of an organization, being a group member, volunteering, creating, art, and the list is endless.

What if we did not focus on ‘The What’ but stayed clear on the ‘Why’? When we see clearly and align with our passions, the channels open up to us, like opening floodgates! This is when the magic happens. The Universe clearly hears our message and matches our frequency. Now we can soar to great heights faster and smoother.

What is passionate to you? Is it being the maker of your own destiny? World peace? Time freedom? Animals? Feeding the hungry? Natural foods? The list is endless.

My friend Helen recently opened a raw food café called Bliss Café. Helen is passionate about food as our medicine, and passionate about sharing both the food, and her message, with others. Anyone who knows her will agree. In fact, her passion is contagious!


Would you agree that Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Bill Gates, Julia Child, all were or are passionate? Absolutely! Passions come in all forms.

When we wake up and embrace our Passion, the magic happens. It does not matter if we are the bread maker, service provider, concrete layer, or financial wizard, as long as we are fueled by our personal passions, we will have a winning formula.

I have heard people say they don’t understand why their business is not working, or why they feel stuck. I offer to them a challenge, to truly seek out and find their underlying passions.  They will then understand the ‘why’ behind what they are doing.

Perhaps you are in a transitory position, or job that is not ideal, but rather than looking at it as a chore, or a drain, see it as a very integral and important stepping stone on your journey to developing your passion. See it as leading you to the next phase of your journey which is fueled by your passion. When you see it as a stepping stone to your passion, rather than as a grind, it changes everything. It is moving you closer to your desires, not taking you away. Seeing it this way shifts everything.

The same is true in education. When we are truly interested and passionate about a subject the learning comes easy to us. There is a sweetness, and eagerness, and we want to eat it all up, just like a good book, or a great read.

Two of my passions are Nature and Beauty. So now I go out and take pictures in nature. I then share them with the world through Social Media. Am I a professional photographer? No, but I am riding on my passions and utilizing them to benefit others at the same time. Too often we get caught up in details that block our passion. As Nike says “Just Do It”.

So the next time you feel disconnected as to who you are, or why you are doing what you do, ask yourself what makes me happy? What do I love to do? What puts a spring in my step? What gets me out of bed in the morning? Then take those seeds of passion and plant them! There is no right or wrong way to do this, just get the ball rolling.

Have fun with it, listen to your heart, and enjoy!



The Campaign for Inner Peace

As a Life Coach and Human Being on this planet, I feel compelled to spread Peace, Joy. and Love as much as possible. Therefore, I have started a “Campaign for Inner Peace”…. kind of like a movement but through Social Media. If this resonates with your or you feel compelled  to join us on this mission you can follow along at our facebook page www.facebook.com/CampaignForInnerPeace  In Joy & Love!Image