Hearts on My Sleeve


Finding Your Life Purpose

As a Certified Life Purpose & Career Coach, I am often called upon to help individuals discover their life purpose. Here is a picture of me wearing some hearts. This was at a talk I gave about finding your Lifeโ€™s Purpose. On the hearts you will see the words inspire, motivate, and uplift. The point of the hearts is that often your life purpose is not so much about โ€˜what you do’, but more about who you are โ€˜beingโ€™ in everything you do. I personally discovered that my own life purpose was not a particular set thing, but more so me expressing myself through various outlets. For example, I enjoy inspiring others through my words by speaking, writing, coaching, and using social media. I have even come to call myself a โ€œCommunication Artistโ€. Realizing this was very enlightening for me and allowed me to feel comfortable in my many capacities, verses feeling frustrated at being all over the map.

A good way to help determine your so called life purpose is to tap into what brings you joy. Is it children? Is it expressing yourself through art, words, or fabric? Is it humor? What would you be doing in your ideal day if you could just do that? What would you or have you ever volunteered to do? What are you good at that you donโ€™t get paid for? What are your talents, gifts, and abilities?

Often we miss tapping into our natural purpose because we are too intent on searching. Once again, I am reminded that all answers are within. I hope everyone finds a purpose that inspires them to live in joy and on purpose!