Living with No Regrets

Side view of serene woman sitting on sandy beach against blue sky outdoors

A conversation I had with my daughter 2 days ago on the topic of my going out to my cottage and her staying at home with her Dad. It went something like this:

Me: “Mom is going to the camp tomorrow.”

Sivanna: “I don’t want you to go.”

Me: “But my soul needs it.”

Sivanna: “Can’t you tell your soul NO?”

Me: “No honey, I can’t.”

I have a new philosophy lately which involves living without regrets. It is a little tool I now use to remind me of what is important to me. It also encourages me to pursue those wants and desires. I see it as if I don’t do it, or do not follow my passion for something I want to do or experience, I may end up resentful. I understand that this will not be healthy for myself,  for those in my life, and the world at large.

They say resentment is the emotion that eats away at us and I believe it to be true.

It is so so important for us to honor ourselves and our time here on earth. It is a short journey really. If we can follow our joy and be excited about life, I think that is wonderful. The more we can get excited and honor our desires, the more we spread the feeling of joy, and also allow others to follow their joy.

I am doubly glad that I am following this way of being to not only add more peace, love, joy and less resentment in my own life, but I am also teaching my daughter that her wants and desires matter and are important. To me, this is a great accomplishment as a mother and a guide for this beautiful soul.


Dare to Dream

My friend May is an amazing artist who is starting to awaken to truly embracing her gift. Today she shared with me a poem she wrote while taking an art class through Tracy Verdugo’s Mojo E-Course.

Our conversation initiated from a post I made myself the other day that was “LIFE is the canvas. YOU are the artist.”


I hope you enjoy May’s poem and art as much as I do. Thank you May for inspiring all of us by awakening to your creative and divine self.  Namaste…..

Mays dream catcher2

Dare To Dream
Big bright beautiful dreams
Realizing that life is our canvas
We are artists each and everyone
Dare to draw, paint, sculpt, knit, sing, dance, bake or act
Be playful
Rummage through torn up scraps
From someone else’s masterpiece
Trust yourself May
Like the wise old owl
It’s a new beginning
Tell your story with a loaded paintbrush
Like the old masters before us
Van Gogh, Beatrix Potter, Walt Disney
A new understanding arises…. I love playful artists and vibrant colours
Breathing in gratitude breathing out doubt
I am ready to leave my mark.