About this Picture


butterfly and lilacs.jpg

June is one of my favorite months for many reasons and both butterflies and lilacs are two of my most cherished June sitings.

A few days ago I was blessed to see this lilac bush full of butterflies and bees on a beautiful sunny day at the cottage. I will never forget this day. It was an incredible siting as the butterflies flitted to and fro.  https://www.facebook.com/holbik/videos/10155198066335479/

Here is the cool thing about the picture with the butterfly. I have a new Galaxy Samsung S8+ phone and the camera is incredible. I actually took that picture from quite a distance and then zoomed in after the picture was taken and then grabbed a screen shot of it. Wow. Can you believe the clarity that was captured from a distance? Incredible

There are many things I love about this phone but the camera and editing features are among the best. For example I was able to make this little video clip of the flitting butterflies with music right in the camera section.

On a side note for Samsung Galaxy S8 lovers, contrary to popular consent, having the finger print area where it is is something that I love. lol It works for me perfectly.

I am really looking forward to my future picture taking and sharing more beauty with the world.

Thanks for stopping by here today. 🙂