New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Every moment is a new beginning for me.

affirmation by louise hay

As people, we tend to hop around with our thoughts between our so called past reality or what we believe to be true and the present moment. The present moment is where the true power and magic lies. The present moment is the powerful pivot point that we can consciously use to choose in which direction we want to go.

Do you find yourself beating yourself up over something? Or maybe you are running a track of negative feelings and comparing these to your past experiences.

When we recognize that this moment is BRAND NEW, it gives us power to pivot.. to change the moment… to change the energetic frequency of this moment, which in turn can change the vibration from negative to positive or from disgust to Love! This is wonderful to know.

By using the above affirmation “Every moment is a new beginning for me”, it can serve as a tool to disrupt our negative thinking or patterns and help us to remember that we have more power and control than we think!

A tree sprouting


Picture of two young girls with there arms around each other’s backs and the
quote by Maggie Holbik “Kindness and Support are two to the greatest gifts you can give and they
are both FREE…..

It’s so simple really. Want to give the best gift ever? Give Kindness. Give and show support.

These are both so easy to do, are free and make a HUGE difference.

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Tesla and 3,6,9

Many people know that I am enchanted with the number 3 and 333 in particular. I see that sequence all the time. It is very meaningful for me.

About a year ago I ran across information about Tesla loving the number 3 and the sequence 3,6,9.

If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.

– Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

Speed ahead to today. I have been getting amazing information downloaded to me…. the only way I know how to put it. For example today I was face down on a massage table getting a massage and I was shown to add up some sequences of #’s. I started to but then thought I would do it later when I had pen and paper.

I forgot about it until I was talking with a friend on the phone and told her about it. After that call I sat down with my pen and paper and added up the numbers that I was directed to. And voila… you guessed it, 3,6,9 pattern! If you are not familiar with numerology you just keep adding up the numbers until you come to a final number.

WOW. Just WOW!

Sequence of numbers adding up to 3,6, 9 ex. 111 – 3, 222 = 6, 333 =9 and so on
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Mountain Ash Beauty

Mountain Ash Tree Loaded with Berries hanging low

I snapped this picture the other day with my phone. I thought it was a nice one. This is the City of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, in the background.

These berries look so beautiful. I did a little googling about the mountain ash tree. I never realized the amazing health benefits of the berries. Here is a link to more info: but in a nutshell:

Mountain Ash is a plant. People use the berries to make medicine. The berries may be used fresh, dried, or cooked and then dried. People take mountain ash for treating kidney disease, diabetes, arthritis, low levels of vitamin C (vitamin C deficiency), diarrhea, and menstrual problems.

I for one am going to get me some of these berries. The birds know how good these are.

I hope you enJOYed my picture today and also learning, if you did not know, how amazing mountain ash berries are!

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Never Too Big or Old to Hug or Cuddle

This morning my 13 year old daughter came to lay with me in bed before she started getting ready for school. She said she was sleepy and just wanted to sleep more. I told her to rest and I cuddled her. I drank in the moment and I embraced her with my arms and my heart. ❤

I started thinking about how much I was enJOYing holding her and I started thinking, as a Mother does, that one day she will be too big to hold like this. And then I stopped myself and said “NO, she will never be too big or too old to hold in my arms!” My eyes are leaking as I type this.

I started thinking about the moments in life like this. My brother popped by our house briefly on Sunday and Sivanna, my daughter, and I, had a group hug with Uncle Ed. I call these ‘Love Fests’ now. Uncle Ed was only over for about 5 minutes to drop something off and I was rushing out to Sunday brunch but that ‘Love Fest’ made a difference in our day, in our life, and it will be a memory in the memory love bank.

I also thought about the older lady I heard speak at a fundraiser I attended last night. It was with the Comedian Medium. Jennie Ogilvie. Anyhow this lady talked about how she wished she had been able “to spoon” her husband when he was dying. This was not possible for many reasons such as the room being filled with children and people and that he was in too much pain to touch. This moved everyone in the audience I am sure. Later in the show Jennie, The Medium, beautifully made this lady see that she needed to see that she was there when he passed and to remember all of the kisses that they did have so to speak, and not to focus on the one they didn’t. 🙂 I loved that.

The sentiment of this lady wanting to spoon her husband, the man that was her partner before children, her LOVE, ❤ that was also a huge testament to the fact that we are never too old or too big to hold someone in our arms, or cuddle them, or hug them ….. or to simply LOVE them.

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3 Life Changing Rumi Quotes

I hope you EnJOY these Rumi quotes as much as I did. I took time to add them to these images to enhance the beauty of them. I hope you will also share these if it moves you to do so. I am of the opinion that sharing things like this can have a huge impact on making the world a more loving place. I feel this is of benefit especially right now. I hope you will join me on my quest to Inspire and to spread JOY. The images are lovely to share on Pinterest too!

“Everything that is made beautiful and fair and lovely is made for the eye of one who sees”. Rumi
“Stop acting so small. You are the Universe in ecstatic motion.’ Rumi


“You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?” Rumi
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Using Your Mind’s Eye

Professional camera displaying an image of a woman along with graphics to imply using the mind’s eye.

Lately for some reason I have been fascinated with the thought of pictures. I love to take pictures and I often think “how can I take that picture in a split second and it captures this beauty or this exact moment?” I am absolutely mesmerized by this and I even think of it as magical!

This morning while doing my daily ‘mind’ reading I had a huge breakthrough. I got things at a deeper level. Now you might read this and think “well Maggie that is no revelation”. But for me it was the profound depth of getting this concept.

Okay let me get to the point. Not only have I been fascinated with the power of picture taking but also the concept of imagination and imaging. Now today I have put the two together! If we can take a picture with a camera and in an instant capture an entire scene complete with color and detail, imagine when we use our imagination… We are much more powerful than any camera or even computer will ever be! When we image or imagine things we too can create that picture that we imagine. This is super empowering.

I for one will no longer ever take lightly the act of visualization or seeing in my mind’s eye how I want my life to be. I am also open to it happening ‘in an instant’ just like a picture. 🙂

I have created many great things in my life and when I reflect back I now ‘see’ that I did indeed ‘see’ those images in my mind as though they were real and would indeed happen. I will now be more consciously active in these creations….

I would love to hear your thoughts on all of this too 🙂 Why not drop a comment in the comment section. 🙂

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Maggie’s Musings…. on Funerals

I’ve started a new category on my blog called “Maggie’s Musings”. These are posts where I just want to share gems that I take out of life’s situations and such.

So today I am going to touch a bit on funerals. I actually enJOY funerals for the lessons about life that they give us. I had a very moving experience today that reminded me of this.

While at the grocery store this morning, I bumped into a woman I had known in childhood. After chatting a bit she got very serious and said she wanted to share something with me. I was taken aback and surprised, all the while thinking what did she want to talk about… she seemed so serious.

She leaned in and told me that at my mother’s funeral, way back in 1993, she was really touched by the way my siblings and I had shared about our mother…. about how she wasn’t just our mother but how we talked about and shared about the person she was. In this moment typing this, I am having flash backs to my sister Stephanie’s speech at the funeral. I did one too. This childhood connection went on to share a personal story about how that moment impacted her life forever and it was very moving indeed. After she finished her story with all the details, we hugged and teared up. Our hug was heart to heart hug btw. If you don’t know what at heart to heart hug is, it is when you hug to the right side of the body ❤ to ❤ . 🙂

Anyhow I was once again reminded of those moments that often happen at a funeral that remind us of what is important in life and to the living.

I never leave a funeral without some glimmer of insight and a deeper appreciation of my own life as well as the reminder of how swift life can be. And of course those little funeral sandwiches…. if you know me, you know how I love those! 🙂 In fact, I’ve written about them before along with more musings on life and death. You can read that post here:

I hope you are enJOYing your day and thanks for reading… Blessings to All!

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Sharing Some Vulnerability Around Mental & Emotional Health

Laugh Cry Smile Keys Representing Different Emotions

It is Saturday morning and I am writing this blog post to express my feelings and then I am going to go for a much needed rest. I have become very behind on my sleep and it’s starting to show in my mental and emotional health. It’s funny actually because I have been behind on my sleep because I am so excited about life but now it has taken a toll on me and is now the content of this blog post.

I was thinking how we easily share with others that we have a cold or the flu or an ache or pain, but when it comes to our emotional and mental health, we sometimes don’t share this with others and it comes out in ways that are now always positive.

Yesterday, I snapped at a store clerk and this is not like me. I surprised myself actually. I also missed an appointment I had scheduled yesterday and I had even confirmed it. I am today realizing that I am tired physically but emotionally too and I am being vulnerable enough to share this with you. Brene Brown would be proud. 🙂

Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.” “If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can’t survive.”

brene brown

There are many of us walking the planet doing the best we can. We have ups and we have downs. We experience laughter and we experience tears. Life is like this. And it’s okay.

For some reason I just wanted to share this today in case someone else is having a tough time mentally or emotionally. Know that you are not alone, and that it is okay to share with those you love that you are having an extra hard time right now. In fact reach out to someone if you need to.

For me, luckily I had some family support me yesterday and this morning my daughter left me this note to cheer me up.

“You are awesome Mom and I love you sooooooooo much. Just keep being You.

Anyhow I am heading for my delightful rest now so I can begin to return to my JOYful self… I miss her. 🙂

For anyone reading this I send you much LOVE, support and most of all I wish you a JOYous day and if self-care is something you too need to schedule, I hope you do it. It is important to not only our physical health but especially our mental and emotional.

Thank you for being here for me by reading this.

Blessings to all….