Lake Superior Beauty

Lake Superior is such a beautiful lake. I hope you enJOY looking at these pictures I have taken as much as I do. There is so much beauty here. I am grateful to live so close to this fresh water lake that has so many facets to it.

Kayakers enjoying the Big Lake June 25, 2020
A beautiful rainbow on Lake Superior with a sail boat on the water in front of it
Morning has broken… so beautiful. Sunrise on Lake Superior with snow on the ground.

A Nice Lake Superior Quote/Thoughts

β€œI saw that I had forgotten how beautiful the drive to Thunder Bay was; the towering sighing groves of fragrant Norway pines, the broad expanses of clean white sand, the sea gulls, always the endlessly wheeling sea gulls; an occasional bald eagle seeming bent on soaring straight up to heaven; the intermittent craggy and pine-clad granite or sandstone hills, sometimes rising gauntly to the dignity of small mountains, then again, sudden stretches of sand or more majestic Norway pines — and always, of course, the vast glittering heaving lake, the world’s largest inland sea, as treacherous and deceitful as a spurned woman, either caressing or raging at the shore, more often turbulent than not, but today on its best company manners, presenting the falsely placid aspect of a mill pond.”

― Robert Traver

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