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Maggie’s Musings…. on Funerals

I’ve started a new category on my blog called “Maggie’s Musings”. These are posts where I just want to share gems that I take out of life’s situations and such.

So today I am going to touch a bit on funerals. I actually enJOY funerals for the lessons about life that they give us. I had a very moving experience today that reminded me of this.

While at the grocery store this morning, I bumped into a woman I had known in childhood. After chatting a bit she got very serious and said she wanted to share something with me. I was taken aback and surprised, all the while thinking what did she want to talk about… she seemed so serious.

She leaned in and told me that at my mother’s funeral, way back in 1993, she was really touched by the way my siblings and I had shared about our mother…. about how she wasn’t just our mother but how we talked about and shared about the person she was. In this moment typing this, I am having flash backs to my sister Stephanie’s speech at the funeral. I did one too. This childhood connection went on to share a personal story about how that moment impacted her life forever and it was very moving indeed. After she finished her story with all the details, we hugged and teared up. Our hug was heart to heart hug btw. If you don’t know what at heart to heart hug is, it is when you hug to the right side of the body ❤ to ❤ . 🙂

Anyhow I was once again reminded of those moments that often happen at a funeral that remind us of what is important in life and to the living.

I never leave a funeral without some glimmer of insight and a deeper appreciation of my own life as well as the reminder of how swift life can be. And of course those little funeral sandwiches…. if you know me, you know how I love those! 🙂 In fact, I’ve written about them before along with more musings on life and death. You can read that post here:

I hope you are enJOYing your day and thanks for reading… Blessings to All!

Death & Dying

Little Sandwiches & My Death

Yep. You read that title right!

I am writing this blog post more for me so I can remember something that moved me deeply yesterday, but hey if you are here and want to read along, feel free.

So here it is. Yesterday I was driving by a funeral home and saw the cars outside. It made me wonder because of the time of day if they were having a luncheon about that time. I started thinking about how I love little tea sandwiches. I always have. I can pass on the desserts but the little sandwiches I have a hard time saying No to :-).

My spouse also knows this and we have often talked about how there will be little sandwiches at my funeral. 🙂 I started to think about this and in one brief moment in time while pondering these little sandwiches, I had an epiphany!

Life will go on and it will happen quickly! I saw the people say goodbye to me, say some nice words, eat little sandwiches, sip on coffee and tea and enJOY some desserts and then hop in their cars and go back to work, to their homes, to their life. It will go on as it always does.

I may not be conveying what I feel here but that’s okay because I get it and I did mention this blog post was more for me to remember the moment from yesterday’s drive by the funeral home. 🙂

What do I take from this?

. life is short so make the moments matter and the moments count

. forgive quickly and often

. never begrudge a Monday, it is always one less that you will have

. look at everything and every experience as though it were both the first and last time you will feel that, experience that, or see that

. have gratitude for the simple things like a bed to sleep in, the smell of coffee, the sound of rain, the blue sky, the breath of your loved ones who are still walking beside you on earth because it reminds you that they are still here with you, the smile from a random stranger, the hot cup of tea, the good book, your warm socks, etc. etc. etc.

. chase and CHOOSE JOY like nobody’s business

. find pleasure and JOY everyday and as much as you can!

. eat the chocolate! (and the little sammies off course) 🙂

. appreciate each and everyday for the gift that it is, they are numbered and we all know it… it’s realizing it that matters most

. throw FEAR out the window and tell it you never want to see it again! Live fearlessly and in JOY!

. be as much YOU as you can! Authentic, Real, Raw in all your imperfection which is perfect!

. be FREE…………….

Maggie is lover of life who believes that death can teach us a lot about life and that the circle of life is precious and sacred and is denied to many… she is passionate about helping people to find the JOY in their life and to see the beauty all around that is waiting for eyes to witness it and hearts to appreciate it.