Soulful Relfections, Sunshine

SoulFULL Sunday

Good Morning!

It is a beautiful Sunday morning here where I live and the sun is shining after several days of clouds and rain.

I am sipping on my morning Sunshine Drink and just put on a pot of potatoes to boil for a potato soup for lunch. I was inspired by a friend’s Facebook post this morning of their Potoato Soup and I thought this would be the perfect thing to make for lunch! I am developing my recipe for it in between writing this blog post. 🙂

Today I was thinking about a theme for the day which is “SoulFULL Sunday” or filling our souls with things that bring sunshine into our lives, just like my morning Sunshine Drink.

Here is a picture I just took in my backyard which also fills my soul with sunshine and it feels so good!

The sun in my backyard with the trees and the sun appearing in a star shape.

This morning I stayed in bed and did some book hopping (that is how I roll) and that too filled my soul with sunshine.

One of the books that I skimmed through was an authentic Vegan Mexican cookbook and reading about the culture, the ingredients and the tools used to make the dishes filled my soul with sunshine.

I have a deep interest in food and cooking lately and my mind is opening up to a whole new level of creativity and excitement and that fills my soul with sunshine.

My daughter just got up and came to me to say “Good Morning” and we had a beautiful hug and a moment of connection. Now that filled my soul with sunshine and then some!

Writing fills my soul with 🌞 and writing this blog post this morning is bringing me great JOY!

What about you? What are you doing today to fill YOUR soul with sunshine?

It is my intent that my words may inspire YOU to take a minute right now to decide what your sunshine is and what will make your soul smile. 🙂

Have a beautiful day everyone and whether you are reading this today or in the future, may your heart be filled with sunshine. 🙂

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