Life Everywhere

I took this picture somewhere in my travels over the years and when I look at it, it reminds me of life being all around us. I find when we start to connect and to appreciate our own divinity, we also wake up and become aware of the divine essense that is all around us.

I find that the more that I am tapped into nature the more I can feel the frequency of its life force just as I feel my own. In my daily yoga practice I do a short conscious relaxtion segement when at one point, you put your hands on your throat. Whenever I do this I especially feel connected to my own divinity and life force. I think for me, it is especially moving, as I consider myself a lover of communicating and expressing myself, so to feel the vibrations in my neck and pulse, is extra magical and it reminds me of the gift of life itself.

What about you? Do you find yourself seeing and connecting to the life and aliveness that is around you? Perhaps it is through flowers, or sunshine, or by observing your pet or sleeping baby. Aliveness is all around us and is a beautiful reminder of the gift of life itself.

I hope you go today in Love and Aliveness and that you are open to receive the gifts that are all around you and are just waiting for you to observe and appreciate them.

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