Happy Birthday My Friend!

teresa rose

Happy Birthday to one of my BFF’s, business partners, mentors, sounding boards, venting channels, and someone who I am truly grateful to have the pleasure of having in my life.

Teresa, you are one of the most amazing woman I know and you never cease to amaze me with your strength, courage, persistence, and wisdom. You blaze trails in life and business  with love and kindness as your rocket fuel. Anyone who meets you, or has the pleasure of meeting you, is forever changed for the better. This can’t be said of all people in the world, but you certainly rank #1 in my books.

I wish for you all the wishes that I know you wish and those yet to come. We have supported each other for well over 20 years in both life and business and know I will be here now and always for the next part of our beautiful journey. We have experienced both births and deaths and all that goes in between and all making us stronger and the journey more beautiful.

I know we are part of a bigger picture, a movement if you will, and the lives that you touch and continue to touch, expand out farther than we can see. What a beautiful  gift that YOU, my friend give to the world by YOU being in it. Please celebrate you today.

On a closing note, today is the day I brought my Sivanna home from the hospital finally after her premature birth. I find it so fitting to be your birthday as I know one of your wishes for me was to experience the beautiful gift of motherhood so I mark this ‘birth’ day as an extra special day in my heart always.

I love you my friend… to the universe, around and back again and forever and always.

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