3 Keys for Peaceful Living

Woman sleeping in hammock

3 Keys to Peaceful Living……..

  • I don’t need to be Right! Right? We’ve all heard this before but it’s true, letting go of the need to be right about anything is absolutely freeing indeed! Who really cares anyway…. at the end of our lives it won’t matter what you were ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ about anyway. Let it go now! Do it for freedom and peace of mind.
  • Become a master at dis-identifyng. Master the philosophy of “If it doesn’t make me happy, I don’t talk about it”. Recently on a trip with a close family member, we implemented this practice and WOW, although we were not perfect at it, we were easily able to adapt into this mode and let conversations go that did not inspire us with joy or happiness. We became good at flipping the switch and turning off the conversation. This was especially helpful at a time of political unrest. We were determined not to rob ourselves of joy when we could be relishing in blissful relaxation.  I say let’s adapt this mode always, for me anyways.
  • Practice the art of “Instant Forgiveness”. This goes back to not needing to be right. The minute you feel hurt or slighted, use the old saying “Forgive them, they know not what they do”… works like a charm. When you forgive instantly you do not waste one second or minute in pain or suffering. I am not referring to outright abuse here, but in the day to day living where we can choose to continually be offended or find reasons that people are ‘out to get us’. Let it go. We all know forgiveness is for us because it makes us not hurt anymore so the sooner we do it, the better we feel and the better we feel the more good we attract into our lives. Things can truly happen in an instant and they do not have to be a long drawn out process. Think of an email or sending a photo to a friend, it’s instant.   So forgive instantly, let it all go, and only speak of things that bring you joy, love and laughter, this my friends is  a recipe for peace!


MaggieHolbik.com is a Life & Business Coach who believes that if you love life it will love you back!



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