More Joy!

I am sitting here once again at the cottage and I am working on my presentation entitled “More Joy”. This is a remake of one that I have been offering for years, called “Finding Joy in Your Life & Work”. I decided to change the name and revamp the presentation.

I find it truly fitting that I am working on this at my ‘happy place’ and in complete Joy.

I really believe the magic formula for life and work, is to be in Joy in whatever we do. Sometimes life gets into the rut of routine and we lose that joyful passion or we may even forget what truly makes us happy. Life is short and I think we should make it a priority to focus on and bring about the areas of our lives that make us the most happy. When we are in Joy and enjoying life, we are more balanced and more productive.

I would love to hear what brings you Joy? Feel free to comment and share your favorite things, people, events, food, experiences, way of being, places, etc. that bring a smile to your face, makes your heart sing, and fuels your passion for life.

Blessings to all!


5 thoughts on “More Joy!”

  1. Joy! What brings me joy I things that are simpler and yet more profound than ever in my life. Joy comes on the breeze through my hair, or the raindrops falling as I stick out my tongue to taste them. Joy comes in the quiet and joy comes in the chatter of sweet grandchildren playing as children do. Joy flows when my sons and their families are joyful! and Do I comes in being silly and taking selfie’s with them something times, and in creating art together. Joy flows near the ,rivers, streams, the ocean! And deep joy flows in the messages that flow when I’m quiet, I see Angel clouds in the Sky and dance on Rainbow!

    Joy flows deeply now these days of my life, when I go inward and touch hearts with myself. From this sacred space, I can find joy in so many things! In JOY, I AM. I wish you JOY!

    1. It was truly a Joy to read your comment. Thank you Lynne. I feel so grateful to have crossed paths with you and I look forward to much Joy through this relationship.

  2. I enjoy anything that represents new life and new life experiences. Whether it be a newborn baby, spring with flowers popping out of the ground, a young child seeing something for the first time, or myself having a new experience that leaves me in awe and amazement. This could be interaction with new people as well that have something that sparks my attention for something I may have not noticed or cared about, but seen
    thru their eyes intrigued me. They may see something that is totally different in the way I processed what we experienced. I love learning and value other peoples perceptions.

    1. Yes and every moment is indeed new. There is such beauty in life when we are open to it. Thank you for stopping by and thank you for our newly found friendship. 🙂

  3. I love making by own schedule and sticking to it, most of the time. I love to accomplish things that make people happy, I love to cook when I am in the mood, and I like to get baked. LOL.

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