Why I Have an Un-Bucket List

my un-bucket list red

For most of us, life gets so busy and we spend a lot of time doing things we donโ€™t want to be doing, or not doing what we want to be doing.

For myself, I have an ongoing Un-Bucket list. Yep, these are things, places, experiences, etc. that I take OFF my list. This is the opposite of the โ€˜To-Do Listโ€™, itโ€™s the โ€˜Not-To-Do Listโ€™.

For example, my spouse and I recently tried a new restaurant for a change from a regular favorite. This new restaurant is now on our Un-Bucket list. We tried it but we just did not get the same joy at this particular restaurant verses our favorite.

Both life itself and time are precious commodities. I personally never want to waste another minute doing anything that I have to trudge through.ย  I see any time that I give up to do something, as sacred. I like to think of an hour of my life being worth a million dollars, because to me it is. I love life and participating in it.

There are others ways that I have added to my Un-Bucket list as well. I always had a dream to play the piano and when I finally had a daughter I thought my dream was about to come true. She and I would take piano lessons. Marvelous Darling! ย We did and I loved the music but practicing was something we had to force for both of us, and we decided to take this one off of our list. The joy factor was not great enough for either of us, but I am glad I experienced it.

It was the same for water color painting. I took an 8-evening class or so and created a nice piece, but I found myself forcing myself once again. I now know that when anything feels forced, it is not flowing for me.

Now writing I love! Social Media I love. Helping entrepreneurs and business owners with ideas to increase profits and get their messages out there, I absolutely love. It thrills me in fact. I can use my gift of creativity and expression to help others live their passions and do to good in the world. Whatโ€™s not to love?

On a final note, the Life Coach in me, truly believes that it is important to try the things or experiences you wish to have. By trying them, it becomes a form of completion so that we do not get to the end of our lives and have regrets. Done that, did it, kind of thing.

My wish for all of you reading this, is that you make the time to do the things you love and that you love the things you do.

Maggie Holbik.com is a Life & Business Coach who has a passion for helping others in both Life & Business.

You can contact her at MaggieHolbik@gmail.com

Here is my water color. I do enjoy looking at it because I find it pretty and it is a constant reminder to follow my Bliss. ๐Ÿ™‚

My Picture

2 thoughts on “Why I Have an Un-Bucket List”

  1. The watercolour is gorgeous and I Love the unbucket list idea. I think you hit the nail right on the head in this particular blog.

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