Heart Verses Mind

Difficult choice. Businessman balance Heart And Mind. Isolated

Use your mind as a tool. Recognize that through the mindโ€™s eye you can see and access the gate to hell or the gate to freedom. Hell, for lack of a better word, is simply being trapped in a mind that sees the pain and the negativity. Hell is comprised of focusing on the pain and the suffering and leads from a victim stand point. People can become prisoners of their own mind. It has been said that the greatest torture one can experience is to be locked away somewhere with only their own mind.

Being locked in oneโ€™s mind and trapped in negativity is like being in a cell with the bars of the cell comprised of fear and suffering.

Our mind is a tool just like money is a tool. They both can be used to build something or destroy something. We need to use our minds wisely.ย  The easiest way to do this, is to lead with the heart and use the mind for its capacity as an orchestrator of our thoughts. Our heart is truly the orchestrator but the mind can be used as a workshop for our thoughts, helping us to create our so called realities.

The heart cannot lie, only the mind can. Ego is famous for leading the mind astray, but the heart never lies.ย  To live in heaven or nirvana here on earth, we can ask over and over again โ€œWhat would my heart say?โ€ Does my heart lift or drop when I ask that question? This could be any question. Someone asks you to go for lunch with them? Lift or drop? Someone asks you to volunteer for something. Lift or drop?

The heart always knows. We need to listen to our hearts and use the mind to get things done. We need to be the master of our minds, leading from the heart and not the ego.

Love gives the heart a spritz of joy. When we see, focus, and bring into our site, beauty and joy, it charges our heart with more energy and expands our loving frequency. We literally become โ€œlarger than lifeโ€. So we need to get out of mind, into our heart and let the divine process flow freely.

Seek Beauty

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