mountainashIt is a beautiful fall day today in the month of September. The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, birds singing, and many small creatures are happily frolicking in nature’s splendour. Today was the kind of day my Dad loved. Fall was his favorite season and he would tell you so. He had such an appreciation for this time of year and I see it carried over in many of us, his offspring.

Dad passed away 18 years ago today but is not forgotten.Dad Today, my brother Ed popped by and we had coffee and a chatted about life, food, family and more. We discussed how fall is such a fun time to make food. I showed him my newly found yard sale treasure a pasta/sausage maker (which I will probably never use lol) and we discussed making homemade sausages and pasta, and the traditions of cultures and families that do gather together to do exactly that… making foods of their cultures or just meals to share, while enjoying both the ritual and the company. We shared different recipes, wine making tips, and other delightful suggestions. 

I reflected upon the meaning of life to me, and that about sums it up. Being a family, sharing and preparing food, loving, sharing and caring. It seemed very fitting that today was the anniversary of Dad’s passing and that it is such a beautiful and glorious day.

I love you Dad and thank you for all of life’s lessons learned. You were charming, humorous, witty, and had that twinkle in your eye that I sometimes see in myself. I know life wasn’t always easy and there were many trials, tribulations and challenges as we all experience as part of life; but I have so many wonderful memories that I can call on that bring me joy and move my soul. Sharing laughter together and your sense of humour are on the top of the list for me. I also loved your attention to detail, your precision, but most of all your love of nature’s beauty and the way you could articulate it. I will always love the red pines because of you and I now have my own place “nestled in the red pines” as you would say. This year we will spend Thanksgiving there and you will be in our thoughts as will mother.windowviewbur

So on this day I thank you Dad for the experience of our time together on planet earth and I know it was absolutely perfect and as it was meant to be. How do I know? Because it was the way it was and I am who I am because of it and I would not trade it for the world.
Kisses to you in spirit and I will always be your ‘Princess Margaret’. xoxo

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