My Pickles!

ImageThis is a picture of my “Pickles” with her mouth full.  My daughter Sivanna is 6 and in six years I’ve had a lot of nicknames for her. Some have been Missy, Munchkin, Scrunchkin, Baby Doll, Sweet Pea, Honey, Apple Dumpling, and more. However, her new favorite is indeed “Pickles”. Of course this comes from our endless rounds of tickling my pickles. What a delight to hear the shrieks of laughter from a child being tickled. Have you tickled your pickle lately? 🙂

The Campaign for Inner Peace

As a Life Coach and Human Being on this planet, I feel compelled to spread Peace, Joy. and Love as much as possible. Therefore, I have started a “Campaign for Inner Peace”…. kind of like a movement but through Social Media. If this resonates with your or you feel compelled  to join us on this mission you can follow along at our facebook page  In Joy & Love!Image

A Little Girl & Her Teddy

A Little Girl & Her Teddy

There is nothing more precsious than a little one with their “stuffie”. It is neat to see how much comfort some stuffed fabric skilfully crafted can offer for a human being. This is a great example of using our imagination and bringing things to life. Some say our imagination IS our reality and I believe this to be true! Never stop imagining.

Cutter Cookies


When I was little I was allergic to eggs, chocolate, tomatoes and oranges. My sister, Stephanie, used to make “special” cookies with me and we called them “Cutter Cookies”. The cookies had no eggs so I could have them! We had little tiny cookie cutters in the shape of animals. I can still see those little cookie cutters in my mind’s eye and the cookies of course! 🙂 Both the time with my sister and the making of the cookies are such an important memory for me. With having the allergies and it not being in the day of many allergy free resources these cookies were extra special. In my Life Coaching practice I often ask clients about a favorite memory in time; one where they felt complete and at one with everything.  Many times their memory will be connected to nature, gatherings with family around food and in the preparing of food with loved ones. It is good to be reminded of these simple truths. At the end of our lives these moments can have had the greatest impact and yet they are the simplest to do. At the end of the day life is pretty simple… we eat, we gather and we love. Why not take time today to create one of these moments with someone you love? And Stephanie, thank you for being my sister and thank you for saving this picture and recipe. I am forever grateful for all of my amazing and wonderful siblings and their offspring. I enjoy so much the time I now spend preparing food, gathering and loving all of you!

The Gift of Joy


Here’s a sneak peek at my daughter’s birthday gift for her 7th birthday coming up in April. I believe that the greatest gift I can give her is to teach her to live “InJoy” and to “EnJoy” life to the fullest.

What better gift then the freedom to be your authentic self joyously expressing yourself and sharing that with the world. I hope she likes this little reminder and that she never forgets that the true secret to life is that “Love is all there is” and it starts with having as much joy as you can. Do you think she will like it? And be sure to keep the secret between us… I want it to be a joyful surprise, of course 🙂



I snapped this shot yesterday in Duluth, Minnesota. This horse won first place in an ice sculptor contest. I am always amazed and moved by such talent! Not only talent, but the willingness to participate, especially as in this case, in the cold! The greatest gifts we can give to the artistsans of the world are to fully enjoy and apprecitate their work. Appreciation activates the frequency of love; love for their work, love for life, and love for ourselves and others. The more we activate this frequency the greater the capacity to love. I find travelling to be such a great way to broaden our experiences and appreciation. I am feeling blessed for the opportunity to appreciate this beautiful display and the beautiful and delightful city of Duluth, Minnesotra.


Being someone who loves the seasons, winter is no exception. I think like life with it’s ups and downs, joys and struggles, the seasons grace us with periods of change and adjustments. With this comes adaptation and enjoyment as well. I love winter in Northwestern Ontario for all its beauty and the feeling I get. The cold and snow makes me feel warm and cozy while inside and also somehow safe and protected. I also love how bright and beautiful the sun is when it shines against the bright blue sky and glistens off of the white blanket of snow. This to me is another breathtaking example of the divine beauty and grace of all that is.